Facilitating HR change

25 June 2018

Engaging with change can occasionally be a challenge to navigate. Working together through that change and setting future direction creates an environment of togetherness, engagement and excitement that can only result in success.

We spent an amazing day with a newly formed HR leadership team facilitating the creation of their brand to the business, team roles and key priorities, resulting in the next 12 months HR charter that aligns to the future needs of the business.

Creating a simple functional charter is important when bringing a new team together, focus on:

1. What is our brand, how do we want the business to perceive us? Once you’ve created this, live it every day!
2. Defining our roles in the team and in the business
3. Key priorities, what will we achieve in 12 months time
4. Team rules, how will we work together and with the business?

It helps to pull this together in to a visual representation of the charter and reflect on this every time your meet. On this occasion the team decided that they would like to build a house. Creating solid foundations with 4 key pillars which are the key priority areas and the roof being the brand and rules, pulling it all together.

The team shared so much passion for the future of their team and what they can deliver to the business, embracing change with an excitement that was infectious.

I can’t wait to ask their business in 12 months time for feedback on how the HR team are supporting them in achieving their business goals.

Keep focused on your charter team!